Cannabis in Germany: A Turning Point for Responsibility and Freedom

new cannabis law in germany


legalize 2024 germanyDear Friends of Freedom and Responsibility,

We are on the cusp of a remarkable change in Germany. Starting April 1, 2024, we will experience a new era in the handling of cannabis, inspired by a mix of scientific foresight and the spirit of freedom. This development is more than just a legislative reform; it's a sign of progress and responsible liberty.

A Look Back and Forward

For a long time, cannabis laws in Germany were characterized by caution and restrictions. However, the realization that enlightenment and responsible freedom must go hand in hand has led us to a turning point. Inspired by figures like Howard Marks, who stood for an enlightened approach to cannabis, and supported by the scientific diligence of Karl Lauterbach in political discussions, we are now opening a new chapter.

Freedom Within the Framework of Responsibility

The new regulation allows adults in Germany to possess up to 25 grams of cannabis in public spaces and up to 50 grams in private areas. This step honors the principle of personal freedom while firmly embedding it in the foundation of societal responsibility.

Green Thumb as a Sign of Self-Determination

The permission to grow up to three cannabis plants for personal use is a triumph of self-determination. It's an invitation to delve deeper into the plant, explore its diversity, and gain a piece of independence.

Cannabis Clubs: Nuclei of Culture and Safety

The introduction of cannabis clubs from July 2024 is an innovative step that fosters social exchange while providing a safe and controlled environment for the purchase of cannabis. These clubs are more than just sales outlets; they are cultural meeting points that prioritize education and community.

A Collective Journey into a Responsible Future

This reform is a call to all of us to embark on this new path with openness and a sense of responsibility. It's about weakening the black market, strengthening youth protection, and promoting a culture of conscious and enlightened cannabis use.

We invite you to be part of this movement. Discover the opportunities that arise from legalization, exchange ideas, and form a community characterized by respect and responsibility.

In our marketplace, you will find not only everything you need for home cultivation but also a platform for exchange and information. Let's shape this new era together and prove that freedom and responsibility can form a strong alliance.

In this spirit, be free, be responsible, be enlightened.


Your Cannadusa Team, inspired by the wisdom of Howard Marks and the scientific clarity of Karl Lauterbach.




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