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Beschreibung des Produktes UGRO Pot 9L

The flexible plastic bag/pot contains a 900 g pressed and dried coconut block. It has small holes at the bottom to allow drainage. The bag has been treated to ensure maximum UV stability. By adding 6 liters of water, approx. 9 liters of high-quality coco substrate can be produced. The product is suitable for all types of plant cultivation, both indoors and outdoors. It is particularly recommended for permanent crops.

Structure: Mix3
40 % coconut grit, 30 % coconut fibers and 30 % coconut chips
pH: 5.5-6.5
EC (1:1.5): <0.6 mS/cm The volume is 9 L or 2.4 gal. The pure weight is 900 g. Another advantage is that you do not need an additional pot. We have also designed the pots for perfect space utilization. Each plastic bag has a specific size that makes it possible to optimize the number of plants to be cultivated per square metre. For example, 25 Pot9 bags (5 rows of 5 bags) fit on one square meter.
UGro Pots can be used universally: indoors and outdoors, in combination with a wide variety of cultivation systems.

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