Who are we?
Pyramid Seeds is a marijuana seed bank with great international prestige due to our extensive presence and experience in the sector, which dates back to more than a decade. We are great professionals in the cannabis seed industry and we offer high quality genetics in our marijuana seeds with unique, proprietary and outstanding strains on the market. Our specialization lies in the marketing of cannabis seeds.

What is a cannabis seed bank?
A marijuana seed bank, also known as a cannabis seed bank, is a facility dedicated to the research, production and commercialization of marijuana plants. In a cannabis seed bank like Pyramid Seeds, we constantly study and improve the genetics of plants to produce stable and suitable strains for both experienced and novice growers. All of our seeds come from our own production. Our breeders strive to offer a wide range of varieties that adapt to consumer needs by selecting the best genetics and creating new strains.

What types of seeds do we sell?
All the seeds we produce are feminized. Feminized marijuana seeds are seeds that are developed without male chromosomes. The absence of these chromosomes guarantees that the cannabis plant will produce resinous, seedless buds at the time of flowering.

On this basis, and as a cannabis seed bank, we at Pyramid Seeds have specialized in the research, production and marketing of four different types of marijuana seeds:

Light dependent cannabis seeds
Autoflowering cannabis seeds
Medical marijuana seeds (CBD)
American Strains seeds

Light-dependent cannabis seeds
Photodependent or photoperiodic marijuana seeds are those whose growth and flowering are determined by the photoperiod, i.e. they require a certain number of hours of light to flower. Outdoors, they are always cultivated at the same time of year and, depending on the latitude, it is necessary to choose one variety or another to optimize the harvest.

The advantage of this type of plant is that, indoors, the grower has control over the growth cycle and is able to increase the size of the plant by extending its growing season. In general, plants that rely on light produce higher yields and a higher cannabinoid index.

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