Choose your plan

You will be charged for the plan after the admin approves your vendor account

  • Basic

    Free/ Month

    50 products

    Revenue up to 4,750.00 €

    Transaction fee: 13%

  • Standard

    39.95 €/ Month

    200 products

    Unlimited revenue

    Transaction fee: 10%

  • Professional

    69.85 €/ Month

    Unlimited products

    Unlimited revenue

    Transaction fee: 10%

    Vendor microstore

Description of the packages

Basic package Ideal for newcomers and sole traders who want to enter the world of online trading at no cost. The basic package gives you an initial insight into our marketplace, allowing you to explore its features and familiarize yourself with the platform. This package allows you to learn and grow at your own pace, with no initial investment.

Advanced package The Advanced package is aimed at experienced e-commerce merchants who know exactly what they want and are looking for a seamless start on our marketplace. This package is designed to meet your needs and efficiently support your business activities.

Professional package The Professional package is the ideal choice for established companies. It offers you personal 1:1 support and a tailored onboarding experience, including individual customization to your needs. In addition, you have the option to store your products in one of our German central warehouses for fulfillment, allowing you to focus on your core business.

** 100% promotional advantage Exclusively for merchants who register and list their products during the beta phase, we offer the Professional plan at a monthly zero rate, depending on the time and category. Only a transaction fee will be charged at the time of purchase. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to expand your business at minimal cost.



Special category fees

Selling on the Cannadusa marketplace has no hidden costs. In addition to the selected monthly package fee, you only have to pay the sales commissions listed below for each sale. Posting offers is free of charge and unlimited at any time.

The commission fee depends on your chosen package, Basic, Advanced or Professional.




What you can expect from Cannadusa

Advanced analytics tools: Access detailed analytics and insights into sales trends and product performance to effectively adjust business strategies. (Beta v.2)

Transparent fee model: A transparent and flexible fee model that offers reduced fees based on sales volume or loyalty.

Comprehensive marketing support: Customized marketing advice, resources such as SEO tips, personalized support with product descriptions and promotional materials to strengthen brand presence.

Easy platform integrations: Hassle-free integration with existing e-commerce platforms and inventory management systems, as well as automation tools for orders, shipping and warehousing. (Beta v.2)

Efficient customer service: A robust customer service system that supports both retailers and customers.

Wide range of shipping options: Support through partnerships with shipping carriers for a variety of local and international shipping options.

Marketplace promotions: Participation in marketplace-wide promotions, events and sales events to increase product and brand visibility.

Access to training and education: Provide training materials and webinars on topics such as e-commerce best practices, product photography and customer engagement.

Networking opportunities: Encouraging exchange and networking with other sellers and industry experts to share experiences and explore potential partnerships. In our Special B2B area.