Athena Pro Line Core 2,26kg

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Beschreibung des Produktes Athena Pro Line Core 2,26kg

Athena Pro Core is a basic component for supplementing Pro Grow/Pro Bloom with essential microorganisms. It works with all dosing and irrigation systems and is free from suspended matter, particles or deposits. Pro Core complements Pro Grow and Pro Bloom and should always be used together with one of the other two components.

Athena Pro Core contains high levels of nitrogen and other essential microelements. The nitrogen contained in Athena Pro Core is an enormously important primary nutrient for the growth of your plants. It boosts chlorophyll formation, which is essential for photosynthesis, and enables plants to form important amino acids. In addition to nitrogen, Pro Core also contains a number of other essential microelements such as zinc EDTA, manganese EDTA, copper EDTA, sodium molybdate and boric acid. These play a key role in enzyme production, chlorophyll catalysis in photosynthesis and a variety of other relevant processes.

Suitable for all irrigation and dosing systems
When using high-quality dosing systems such as NetaFlex or Desatron, you can rely on the fertilizer being 100% soluble. Athena Pro Core is of course also suitable for use in conventional irrigation systems such as ebb and flow, drip irrigation with a simple timer or aeroponics. All nozzles, valves and drippers are safely protected against clogging, so there is no need to worry about deposits in pipes or tanks.
The individual components of the Pro-Line must not be mixed dry. We recommend preparing a concentrated solution from the measured quantity and then adding this to the liquid tank.

Eigenschaften Athena Pro Line Core 2,26kg

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  • Final flowering
  • Soil
  • Hydroponics
  • Coconut
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