Athena Pro Line Bloom 2,26kg

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Beschreibung des Produktes Athena Pro Line Bloom 2,26kg

Athena Pro Line Bloom 2.26 kg
For the flowering phase, suitable for all irrigation systems
Promotes vigorous flower growth
2-component mineral fertilizer
Athena Pro Line Bloom is a fertilizer specially developed for the flowering phase.

First-class macronutrients and chelated micronutrients
Athena has developed Pro Line Bloom in such a way that the nutrients it contains are present in the right proportions to ensure that the plants in your indoor grow are well nourished during the flowering phase. The high-quality macronutrients N (nitrogen), P (phosphate) and K (potassium) are combined with micronutrients in chelated form. Athena Bloom offers your plants better nutrient uptake in a wider pH range - regardless of the irrigation system, cultivation method or grow medium. Athena Bloom A & B promotes vigorous and rapid flower growth as well as the development of aromatic buds and enables you to reap rich harvests.

Athena Bloom A & B is suitable for all irrigation systems and does not tend to form sediment.
As the nutrients in Athena Bloom A & B are purely mineral, this fertilizer is particularly clean and free of suspended particles. You can therefore use it in all known irrigation systems, even the finest nozzles will not be blocked by Athena Bloom. Any visible microparticles are too fine to have any effect on your system.

Full control with two components
Athena Bloom A & B are usually always used in equal parts. If you have experience with different plants and varieties, it is of course possible to change the ratio of the individual nutrients slightly by varying the dosage and adapting it to your own fertilization scheme.

The scope of delivery includes:
1 x Athena Bloom, 2.26 kg
The technical details are as follows:
N-P-K Bloom A: 4-0-5
N-P-K Bloom B: 0.7-6-5
Athena Pro Line Bloom, 2.26 kg

Eigenschaften Athena Pro Line Bloom 2,26kg

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